Twin Pics

These aren’t going to be used for anything, maybe I’ll make a “photo album” page. But they’re too cute to just sit in my screen shots folder so I thought I’d share them. Advertisements

2.6 Vacation Pt 1

So originally I had the twins ageing up in this chapter, but then I realised the continuity of it wouldn’t be right because they couldn’t be 5yrs when Belle goes to uni unless she waits but then I don’t want her to wait… and then I got a new expansion pack as I said in … More 2.6 Vacation Pt 1

2.4 Aftermath

In Australia 000 is the same as 911. ——————– I stood there for god knows how long. Just staring at Robin’s lifeless body. I knew I had to get out of there. I didn’t know whether to call the police, I didn’t want to be blamed for self defence. But at the same time if … More 2.4 Aftermath

2.3 Danger

Violence in this chapter. ——————— Things were going well in the house after my parents announcement that I would be attending university. I was spending more and more time with the twins, teaching them to walk and talk and use the potty. Mum was being her ever helpful self. I was going to school, my … More 2.3 Danger