1.1 New Beginnings

Photos coming soon, I’m using a Mac which I’m not used to and I haven’t figured out what image editing program I can use. I have the screen shots (yes that’s all I have right now) just have to edit them. They’ll be up soon I promise! Also language warning on this, the word “fuck” is used, but only once.




Mia sighed as she looked up at her “new” home. “New” was being generous.

God it’s small, she thought. Still, better than home. She had just enough money left over from her secret stash, after putting the rental deposit on her house, to purchase a bed, a desk and a chair for her computer. She could only afford one lamp! She needed a job, fast. The house came with a fridge and a rusty old stove. She made sure to pick up a smoke alarm, Just in case, she thought.

After sitting down to turn on her computer she turned to the web to search the help wanted ads.

I should probably get a job.

Clicking through the page, dead end job after dead end job. Buried many pages in she found a small ad for a part time receptionist job at the local hospital.


I could do that, she mused. Sure I’ve never had a job before but how hard could it be?

Clicking the “apply now” button, she quickly noticed another ad on the site. A journalism position for a paper girl. She clicked the link, after all writing was her passion. Sure she’d have to start from the very bottom, but didn’t everyone? Two jobs applied for! Success!

Mission accomplished Mia opened a blank word document to maybe start writing again. Wishful thinking, idiot she berated herself. Suddenly the doorbell rang, making her jump slightly.

She peered out the front window, shocked to see two people standing there, a man and a very flashy woman. Inwardly she sighed, not wanting company at that particular moment.

I just want to be alone! She thought grimly. Mia had a tendency to be a bit hot headed, usually towards herself.

She opened the door a crack and looked out. “Hello?” she croaked, her vocal chords rough from disuse. I think the last person I spoke to was the cab driver, three days ago.

The man rushed forward, hand outstretched, knocking the door open hitting Mia’s knee with a painful crack.

“Hello! Hello! Clark Peddler is the name. Saw your cab pull up the other night, after midnight! What a time to move in! What are you hiding from someone or did you just decide it was as good a time as any? Ah-ha-ha! So what’s your name sweetheart?” he said, all very quickly barely taking a breath.

“Ha. Mia. Mia Metcalf.” she said rather quietly, almost mumbling.

“Ah! Miiiii-ah! What a love-lee name! Tell me, is there a ‘Mr Metcalf’?” Clark breathed, leering at her. Still holding her hand in both of his.

“Ah… no. No. It’s just me” she muttered, pulling her hand free.

The woman behind him, who obviously had some money, judging from her expertly coloured auburn hair, to her fancy clothes. The whole time Mia had been talking to Clark, this woman stood back admiring her nails and looking bored. Suddenly she moved forward, extending her hand. Mia took it, holding the strange woman’s fingers as they rested limply in her grasp.

“Penny Pincher. Yes, THE Penny Pincher. Charmed, I’m sure” she said, obviously expecting Mia to recognise her. Mia just stared blankly at her, not having any idea who ‘THE Penny Pincher’ was.

“Oh. Hi” Mia said awkwardly.

“You have heard of me, haven’t you? The Penny Pincher of Twinbrook. You know, master stylist to the stars. Hoster of amazing parties, if I do say so myself.”

“No I’m sorry, but I haven’t” Mia said apologetically. I don’t know why I’m apologising to someone I’ve never even heard of!

“Oh. Really, you haven’t? Where are you from exactly?” Penny remarked, peering deep into Mia’s eyes, as if trying to see into her soul and uncover all her secrets.

“Ah… Starlight Hills” she lied quickly. Mia didn’t want anyone finding out that she came from Bridgeport. People from there had a reputation, one she was trying hard to shake.

“Oh well then, there you have it. Nobody important visits Starlight Hills. No one famous comes from there” Penny sniffed.

Clark took the opportunity as the conversation lagged to push his way past Penny and into Mia’s house.

“So” he said, hungrily looking around at Mia’s meagre belongings, and empty house.

“What did you move for Mee-ah? Business or pleasure?” He said her name, stretching out each syllable so it just sounded like a bunch of letters strung together, not like a name at all.

“Uh…um…” Mia stuttered, thinking quickly for an answer that would end his questioning.

“Pleasure” Mia said. “Just wanted a change of scenery” that was true enough.

“Well! Welcome to town, if you need anything, anything at all, just give me a call” he said, pressing a business card, he had drawn from his coat pocket, into her hands.

“Ok well thanks for coming over, but I’m kind of tired so…” Mia gave a loud fake yawn, hoping they would get the hint.

“Of course. Well call anytime. Goodbye Mee-yah. I’m sure I’ll be seeing much more of you very soon” Clark said with a wink.

Massively creeped out, Mia lead Clark to the door, all but pushing him out. Only then noticing that Penny hadn’t set foot in the house and was in fact gabbing away on her phone on the porch. Probably didn’t want to get her feet dirty, Mia thought hotly. Why had these people come?

Mia closed the door with a sigh of relief. They were gone, finally. Their short ten minute conversation felt like it had lasted for eternity.

Mia went back to her spartan living room. She couldn’t even afford a couch, no matter how many charity shops or garage sales she went to. She paced around the creaky floorboards wondering what to do now.

I won’t hear back about the jobs yet, I can’t sit here all day staring at the wall.

With a sigh she grabbed her purse and headed out the door. Surely not everyone in this town are as creepy as Clark? She hoped as much. She wasn’t ready for too much, but it would help having a friendly face around. Closing the door she thought about where to go. The library seemed like the best option. Mia marched away, hoping Clark wasn’t going to burst from the shadows around her. With almost no money left she couldn’t afford a taxi. Guess I’ll have to walk.

Arriving at the library she breathed a sigh of relief. This was better. Smiling she went inside, enjoying how quiet and cool the building was.


After spending a few hours tucked up in an arm chair of the library, Mia stretched. She got up and started walking home. As she cut through the town square, she noticed a group of people standing outside town hall, protesting.

Curious she drew closer, interested to know what all the fuss was about.

She stood off to the side, watching, for a little while. A buff looking guy with tattoos and lovely dark eyes, approached her.

“Hey” he smiled, protest sign in hand. “I haven’t seen you around before. Are you new? Twinbrook is a small town.” he said in a husky, deep throated sexy voice. Oh God thought Mia, he’s HOT. Mia hadn’t had many encounters with hot guys before, she was kind of a nerd at school. She didn’t really have any friends, male or female. All thanks to him, she thought darkly.


“Yeah… uh I am actually. Just got here a few days ago” she said thickly, getting tongue tied like she always did around attractive men.

“I’m Sinbad, what’s your name?”
“Mia. So Sinbad, what are you protesting about? It looks interesting” she said quickly, embarrassed.

“Censorship in schools. It’s getting ridiculous! Did you know that a kid can’t research a paper about breast cancer because the word ‘breast’ triggers the censorship software! It’s fucking ludicrous!” Sinbad said passionately, fire burning in his eyes.

“Really? Wow that’s interesting.” Mia remarked, quickly adding “I mean, that’s crazy!” when Sinbad gave her a dark look, one hand ruffling his thick brown hair. No matter what, she wanted his approval. There was just something about him.

They talked for what seemed like hours. The protest started to wind down around them. Eventually it started to get dark and Mia’s stomach was growling. “Well I guess I better get going. It’s getting late.” Mia grumbled reluctantly.

“Yeah I should go, I’m starting work soon”

“Really? What do you do?” enquired Mia.

“Oh ah just a family business” Sinbad said strangely. There was something odd about the way he said it, but Mia dismissed it as nothing. “Will I see you again?”

“I’d like that” said Mia, delighted that he wanted to see her again.

They said their goodbyes and Mia walked away, a smile spread across her lips.


That’s it for chapter one! Sorry it’s a bit wordy, hopefully I can get my pictures tomorrow, that should help. Please leave any feedback you want, but please be kind! I’m not really a writer, it’s not something I do a lot so this challenge is big for me.

Will Mia get a job soon? What’s Sinbad’s story? Will we find out what Mia is running from?

Stay tuned for chapter two!


11 thoughts on “1.1 New Beginnings

  1. Sounds like an interesting start. ^_^ Man, Clark sounds like an A-hole. 😡
    I also play on a mac, so I might be able to help you out a bit. Depends on how advanced your photo editing skills are. Lol! I use the Preview app for basic cropping & resizing. Whenever I do something more, I use the Sketchbook Express app (free on the App Store). In general, I don’t do a lot of image editing. I can, but I don’t. XD So I might be able to help you. Might. ^_^

    1. Hey fluffymao! Thank you, you’re the first person to comment on my blog! So thank you very much! I will go have a look at Sketchbook Express, my photo editing skills aren’t very good lol. But I’m hoping as I go along with this legacy, I’ll get better. Thanks for your help!

      1. 0.o Well, I did get it a while back, like 5 years ago. Hmmm…actually, they may have just renamed it. Try the Autodesk Sketchbook. Looks like it’s free on the App Store. Also, try their website: http://www.sketchbook.com. What OS X are you running? Yosemite? Mavericks? Lion? What? I run Lion myself, just too lazy to actually update. 😛 If you run one of the later OS X’s, you might have Photos available to you. It looks great, but I’m not sure of the price.
        If nothing else, there’s always GIMP, a really great 100% free ‘Image Manipulation’ app. It’s open-source and I’ve heard its really good at what it does. I never used it, since I got Sketchbook Express long before I found GIMP. But, if you use a PC as well as a mac, GIMP’s one of the few cross-platform free photo editors there are. Hope this helped! ^_^

  2. Aw, you know, you may say that you’re not really a writer, but I actually thought this was really well-written! Even though there were sparse photos, I didn’t have difficulties imagining the characters in my mind’s eye, especially the pushy Clark and Penny. On that note, UMM rude much!? I would pretty outraged if someone just burst into my home like that, but it’s not like they left her much room to say anything. I wonder what they were up to. Just nosy folks, or do they have something more sinister hidden up their drawn-out words and fancy clothes?

    Then again, Sinbad may be the one we need to watch out for—“just a family business”???? If that’s not suspicious, I’m not sure what is!

    Great start! I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this. Oh and thank you for following Different Winters!!! That’s actually how I found you 😛 So now I get a new reader AND an awesome new story to read. Now that’s pretty darn awesome 🙂

  3. This was a very nice first chapter! Don’t worry about your writing skill, because you’re really good! 🙂

    I wonder who these strangers are and what are their intentions… I know Sinbad from another legacy so I’m curious how will his character turn out to be in your story 😉

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