2.1 Belle

So the votes were cast and I slept on the matter, I decided to go with Belle as Generation 2 heir. I like playing her and I think she could have an interesting story. So yeah. Here we go, Generation 2! I’ve also noticed my writing style has changed. It’s more like a journal than “live action”. Not sure how I feel about that, it was purely accidental. Do you guys like it?


This is gonna suck I thought as I boarded the school bus. My first day back after taking time off to have my twins. I knew the other kids at school were spreading rumours about me, and I knew no one was going to talk to me. I really would’ve preferred to quit school but my mum was adamant I had to keep going. I got a part time job at the bookstore, where my mum works. She actually got me the job which was cool. It’s an after school job I don’t get home until 7pm and the pay is shitty but I want to provide for my daughters and I want them to have a great life and not follow my mistakes. I do not regret having them, not at all, but I just want a better life for them. I want them to go to university. Something I won’t be able to do.


Amelia and Adalai moved out. They were pretty unhappy with my decision and didn’t want to be around to help with the twins. We never really got along, I’m a bit of a wild child and they have always been more straight laced. Boring. Adalai was valedictorian for crying out loud! Can’t get more nerdy than that. They’ll still come around for the holidays of course, and I want them to be a part of Dorothy and Delilah’s lives. But I’m just not sure they want that.

Then there’s Claudia. My little sister. She’s crazy, like legit crazy. I see her talking to herself and she always wears the most inappropriate clothing, like she went to school in her formal dress! And she went to work in her swimwear! She works at the grocery store. We both want to contribute to the family funds, we don’t have much money. Amelia wants to go to university, but she’s going to have to earn the money herself because mum and dad can’t afford it. My school work isn’t great, but I never was that great at studying. I’m told I’m a genius but I just don’t have any interest in school work. I’m averaging a C which isn’t what my mum wants. But Claudia isn’t any better! Yet she doesn’t get in trouble!

Claudia is the favourite. I think dad loves me the most, he’s always treated me a little differently, paying a little more attention to me then he did the others. But Claudia is definitely my mum’s favourite. She always excuses her crazy behaviour. When Amelia and Adalai were moving out I really wanted Claudia to go with them! But no such luck.

She does help with the twins though. I’ll give her that. She changes their nappies and sings to them. I just hope her crazy behaviour doesn’t rub off on them.


Mum is constantly encouraging me to “be a teen” in her words. She made me go to the formal, I didn’t really want to go because no one talks to me. But Claudia was there and she’s pretty much an outcast too so at least I had her there to dance with.



That scumbag Robin came around the other day. He wanted to get with me! He’s like “oh baby I miss you, please forgive me”. Fuck you dickhead! You called me a slut and denied your part in our children! So I slapped him and he stormed off, throwing over his shoulder “you haven’t seen the last of me bitch!”. Couldn’t believe he even turned up. Loser. I really should report him so he loses his job. But… I may be a lot of things but spiteful isn’t one of them. I really am good at heart, despite my attitude problems. I can be “quite a handful” as my mum constantly says.


I love my mum. I get many things from her. I got my artistic streak from her and my smarts. She’s really intelligent even if she doesn’t seem it, she can be really inappropriate which some people take as stupidity. But it’s just the way she is.

I’ll be graduating soon. I know I’m not going to do as well as Adalai, she’s always been the “perfect one”. I think I’ll barely scrape a pass. But at least then I can get a full time job to support my babies.

I really do love my babies, little Dorothy and Delilah. I had no idea I was having twins, it explains why I was so big, and they are more of a handful because there’s two of them but I’ll manage. Sure I hadn’t planned on getting pregnant at 16, and I certainly didn’t want to lose my virginity like I did, but I wouldn’t trade my girls for the world. It’s so weird that my family is full of girls. It’s like we’re cursed or something lol.


I seriously have no idea why they keep having girls! I’m not using watermelon or any other cheat to have a girl. It’s so weird.

Sorry about the sparse photos. There just wasn’t much to photograph with this chapter. I’m not sure how I feel about this chapter, it’s so hard jumping from one generation to the next, at least I think it is. Anyway thanks for reading! And Robin McNeill has been added to the “supporting characters” page.


8 thoughts on “2.1 Belle

  1. Belle it is. ^_^ I’m glad to see some more character for the other girls, even if two already moved out. Glad you kept Claudia around for a bit longer!

    Hmmmm…Belle’s a bit different from what I expected…a bit more spirited. Not a bad thing! Quite contrary, her generation might be rather interesting. Looking forward to this! πŸ˜€

    As for writing style, I personally don’t mind either, and I’m fairly certain I’ve switched up the style a bit in the Mayfield chapters. XD Not intentional, it just happens! I think it depends on what time of day it is and how tired I am. But when the Muse calls, I obey!

    1. Belle has this hidden fire, which will become more apparent as the story goes on. You’re right about the writing style, it really does depend on a few factors like tiredness and time of day!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Belle is definitely very spirited! It also sounds like despite her rebellious side and “attitude,” she’s doing right by her daughters and to herself by not letting that scumbag Robin back into her life. She’s got a mix of some pretty good traits. I’m interested to see where her story takes her πŸ™‚

  3. Yay! Generation 2! I’m almost caught up πŸ˜›

    I know I was late for the heir selection, but even if I was on time, I would vote for Belle as well. Dorothy and Delilah – another pair of lovely names. It almost feels like the history repeated itself only with a different outcome. Both Sinbad and Robin are bad people, and reacted almost the same way to the pregnancies. Luckily, this time around, things didn’t get as violent. Belle looks like she knows what she’s doing, I love her determination to provide for her babies. I believe she’ll be a great mom πŸ™‚

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