A bit of me

So this post really isn’t important, feel free not to read. But it’s Halloween and I got a new tattoo today and I wanted to share it because I am so in love. So here it is! I got a bird cage under my arm and a hummingbird at the base of my upper left … More A bit of me


My game crashed right as Belle got her degree, and no I didn’t save. I know, rookie mistake. Not happy. So new chapter won’t be up until tomorrow probably. Sorry for the delay, I like to keep a consistent posting schedule, writing helps me, even if I am not good at it. So annoyed right now.


If anyone knows where I can get some Elder hair and clothes, I’d be mighty grateful. The options for Elders are pretty limited as you probably know. I can’t use The Sims Resource files for some reason, they corrupt my game. So any other page would be swell. I believe I have all the ones … More Elders

2.11 Spring Break

I decided to leave some stuff out of this chapter, otherwise it would’ve been hella long. So they will be in the next chapter. ———————- Before long the year was over and the weather was warming up. We took our finals and I got a B overall, which while it was definitely a pass I … More 2.11 Spring Break

2.10 First time

So I think Belle’s story is going to be longer than Mia’s was, I was just testing the waters in her generation. I hope you don’t mind if this generation is longer. Also this chapter is pic heavy, so if your machine can’t handle the amount of images don’t read on. I’ll summarise the chapter … More 2.10 First time