1.13 Decisions

This will probably be the last chapter for Generation One. I just can’t decide who should be the  second generation heir. Leave me a comment on who you think it should be! ——————————— It took a couple days for Michael to cool down. We broached the subject of Belle and her situation again and decided … More 1.13 Decisions

1.12 Repercussions

I’ve seen some wordpress blogs that have a front page that is a “welcome” and also has a link to the beginning of the story. Can anyone tell me how to do that? I’ve been looking but I can’t figure it out! Thanks 🙂 ————————- I woke up the next morning and suddenly it hit … More 1.12 Repercussions

1.11 Time Flies

Before we knew it, our twins were off to prom! They didn’t have dates but they had each other. Belle turned into a beautiful young girl. She had my colouring but I swear her nose is Michael’s! Little Claudia was starting to walk and talk. She really was a little pocket rocket. And we finally … More 1.11 Time Flies

1.10 Ageing

Sorry again for such a short chapter. i’m working on the girl’s personalities, it’s time consuming. Anyway, read and enjoy! ——————— How could I be pregnant, again? We’d been so careful, we must’ve slipped up at some point. And I wasn’t getting any younger. I told Michael right away, he looked worried, he kept wringing … More 1.10 Ageing

1.9 Bundles of Joy

I finally got Michael to go to work, turns out it was a work outfit problem. Thanks Trip for the tip! I had to use the “kaching” cheat as they were down to $2 and could’t afford anything including a crib for the extra baby, I know in my rules I said I wouldn’t but … More 1.9 Bundles of Joy

1.8 New Life

As the weeks went on, I got bigger and bigger. I wasn’t feeling very well, constantly throwing up and I felt like I was as big as a house. One day he got home holding something behind his back. “Honey could you come here for a minute?” he called. I waddled into the kitchen, when … More 1.8 New Life

1.7 Life Goes On

I’m really powering through this story, which is great as I really want to get to the next generation, this is after all a legacy challenge! ———————– After we finished making out after Michael’s proposal, we sat down at one of the little tables outside to discuss a few things. We decided to wait for … More 1.7 Life Goes On