Immense Apologies

My deepest, sincerest apologies for lack of updates and lack of general activeness in the community. Things have been really stressful family wise, then Christmas, and I’ve had writers block and just generally didn’t feel like playing. I will hopefully be feeling up to playing again soon. Thanks for sticking with me!


Things aren’t going well for me lately, mental illness wise. I have PTSD, a mood disorder (unspecified) and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Things just aren’t flowing like they should be. I’m having more bad days than good. So I might be a bit late in updating this next chapter. Sorry for my loyal (three) readers. Thanks … More Update


My game crashed right as Belle got her degree, and no I didn’t save. I know, rookie mistake. Not happy. So new chapter won’t be up until tomorrow probably. Sorry for the delay, I like to keep a consistent posting schedule, writing helps me, even if I am not good at it. So annoyed right now.

Twin Pics

These aren’t going to be used for anything, maybe I’ll make a “photo album” page. But they’re too cute to just sit in my screen shots folder so I thought I’d share them.