Here is a list (for anyone interested) of the mods I use in my game:

More Paintings by Sara R. by veiledstar
No More Imaginary Friends by christmas fear (just downloaded this is untested 20/9/15)
Taxi Charge by Sleepy-Genius
The Sims 3: Passion and Romance by bella3lek4
The Sims 3: Violence and Aggression by bella3lek4
No Full Moon Lighting Effect by Pokeytax
Age by Consort
Relieve Bladder in Shower by mikey (come on who doesn’t pee in the shower?) (untested 20/9/15)
Romantic Socials TYAE Same Sex by mikey (this lets teens get pregnant as well as same sex couples, make sure you read the warnings before downloading) No longer used, replaced by the NRAAS Woohooer mod.
Longer, Shorter Pregnancies, Back Aches, Nausea and more by AgentTexas
Pregnancy Progress Controller by CmarNYC
Pregnancy Check by Enirei
Pose Player by cmomoney
Pose Player Add On by Jaana
Weapons System by desecrate
NRAAS Woohooer by Twallan
NRAAS MasterController by Twallan
No Mosaic by velocitygrass


I get some from PaintStroke.
And I get some from Mod The Sims.
As well as Anbuis360




I get my pose packs from Mod The Sims. (You MUST have cmomoney’s Pose Player installed to use poses. See Above ^)
Also Not Just A Book (untested)
And Poses Galore (untested)

As I go and test the ones that are new I’ll either remove the “untested” or I’ll delete them all together if they are corrupted. Most (all except the Pose Player Add On) are from because CC from any other site doesn’t seem to work in my game. Not sure why but oh well. Some of these are pretty cool, like the Passion and Romance, Violence and Aggression (that’s how Mia kicked Sinbad in the crotch!) and the Weapons System (you can shoot a sim dead).


7 thoughts on “Mods

  1. Just another note, but the nraas MasterController has an add-on called MasterController Cheats. I just noticed a few of your smaller mods could be done away with if you got that; condense down and all that. Not entirely sure if Pregnancy Check does what I think it does, but if it does, that and No Full Moon Lighting Effect are both covered by either the MasterController or MasterController Cheats. I have both and can’t remember which is covered under which. You should definitely double-check, though, just in case I’m insane. XD

    Just a suggestion, you are in no way obligated to oblige. I just know that on a mac, in particular, the size of package files doesn’t really matter, it’s more how many you have that determines how fast (or slow) your game loads. Since you’ve got a dedicated desktop, you might not be concerned about that. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

  2. Please do say if you find problems with my poses once you’ve tested them 🙂 They work fine in my game, but you never know.

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