Hey everyone I have to go back to hospital, should only be for a week maybe two. I’ve just been struggling this Easter weekend. See you on the flip side! Advertisements

2.18 Murder Most Foul

There probably won’t be any pictures in this chapter, a lot of it is hard to stage. And apologies for being over a week late. ——————————— Angelo’s missing. There’s been a murder. And the I’m prime suspect. Something I never told anyone, except my immediate family, Adalai and Amelia don’t even know as they moved … More 2.18 Murder Most Foul

Immense Apologies

My deepest, sincerest apologies for lack of updates and lack of general activeness in the community. Things have been really stressful family wise, then Christmas, and I’ve had writers block and just generally didn’t feel like playing. I will hopefully be feeling up to playing again soon. Thanks for sticking with me!

Timer Filler

This was on Trip’s Eight Cicadas page and it looked like fun. Especially as I’m having writers block. So here we go. 1. If you were a sim, in which world would you want to live? Twinbrook or Sunset Valley as they are vastly different from my current city. 2. Are any of your sims based on real … More Timer Filler