Supporting Characters

Gereration 1:

Sinbad Rotter


Overly confident, even in his underwear, but with a shy side. He’s an enigma wrapped in a contradiction wrapped in a Rubix Cube. Love interest for Mia Metcalf, we aren’t sure what his deal is just yet, but he certainly is an interesting character. He’s secretive about his work. Will he be The One for Mia, or will he break her heart?

Generation 2:

Robin McNeill


Robin McNeill is a teachers aid at the high school Mia’s children attend. He is much older than anyone actually realised, due to his youthful looks.. At a student’s party Robin seduced Belle, Mia’s third daughter, and she fell pregnant. Robin wants nothing to do with Belle and her twin daughters Delilah and Dorothy. He denies his paternity despite having a paternity test to determine the father of the girls. At his last visit to Belle’s house, he threatened her. What will he do?


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