The Metcalf Family

We will be following the Metcalf Family. Beginning with founder, Mia Metcalf.

Generation 1

Mia Metcalf – founder (deceased)

Miametcalfagingmia eldermia2

Mia grew up the only child of a single mother and deadbeat father. Her lifetime wish is to be an Illustrious Author. She is absent minded at times though is incredibly smart, has a tendency to be hot headed. Her inappropriate humour has gotten her in to trouble a few times. She is artistic, writing is her passion. She has a slim build, fair skin and grey eyes, with a mess of dark hair to top it off. Now the mother of four, and grandmother to two, Mia thinks her life is complete. Her books are selling well, will she beat the inevitable old age and finally get a book on the best seller list?

Michael Humphreys


Michael is a police officer who responded to Mia’s call for help when her former boyfriend was hurting her. He fell in love with Mia and is now her husband. Michael is family oriented, not having any siblings he dreams of having a large family of his own. He loves books, is easily impressed, a born salesman but is a heavy sleeper. He has a muscular build with red hair and green eyes. Now father of four and grandfather to twins, will he reach the top of his career and realise his dream?

Generation 2

Amelia Metcalf

AmeliaMetcalf ameliachildameliateenameliayadult

Amelia is the eldest of twins, her twin sister is Adalai Metcalf. Born absent minded and a light sleeper, she was a happy baby. She has her mum’s hair and her dad’s eyes. As she developed into a teenager she became a perfectionist. Everything has to be just right or it’s meltdown city. A turbulent teen, Amelia can be moody. She is a coward, avoiding confrontation. Her life time wish is to be a Perfect Student, get a degree with a perfect GPA. She recently secured a job in the education field, hoping to save enough money to go to university.

Adalai Metcalf

AdalaiMetcalf adalaichildadalaiteenadalaiyadult

Youngest of a set of twins, her older sister is Amelia Metcalf. Born a virtuoso, she’s taken to music like a duck to water. An excitable young girl she can be found walking around the house giggling and laughing at what seems to be nothing. Her brown eyes are a mystery to her parents, as neither of them have brown eyes. Michael’s great grandmother had brown eyes so perhaps a recessive gene. As she developed into a teen she became socially awkward. Which despite her beauty, will make making friends difficult for her. A frugal person, her lifetime wish is to be a Hit Movie Composer. Adalai managed to get a job in the music field to one day realise her dream.

Belle Metcalf

Belletoddler bellechildbelleteenyabelle

Middle child of four daughters, Belle was born artistic and a genius. Unlike her older sisters, she was a fussy baby and can be found crying about anything. Apple of her father’s eye, Belle looks just like her mother. Quite the stunner and popular with the fellas, she is actually a quite bookworm at heart. Belle fell pregnant at 16, and she gave birth to healthy twin girls, Dorothy and Delilah. Will she be able to finish university while away from her girls, what will she do afterwards?

Claudia Metcalf

claudiatoddler claudiachildclaudiateenyaclaudia

The youngest of Michael and Mia’s four children, Claudia is spoilt. She is the favourite of her older twin sisters. She is a genius but a little insane (and can be seen talking to herself), she gets her intelligence from her mother and she gets her heavy sleeper trait from her father. She looks very similar to her older sister Belle though with a different nose. Claudia is sweet and sensitive and a little bit naive. Will Claudia ever recover from her insanity?

Angelo Metcalf (Wheeler)


Athletic and attractive Angelo is Belle’s boyfriend from university. They live in the same dorm and met one wintery day when Belle was having a rotten time. They quickly fell in love and have been inseparable ever since. On a visit to Belle and her family, Angelo proposed to Belle to which she replied “OH MY GOD YES”. Will they live happily ever after? Will Angelo be a fitting step-father to Delilah and Dorothy?

Generation 3

Delilah Metcalf (Lilah)


Delilah is the eldest of Belle’s twin girls. She has her grandfather Michael’s green eyes but her father’s colouring. She was born a genius and athletic, what will the world hold for such a little one?

Dorothy Metcalf (Dot)


Dorothy is the younger of twin girls, born to teen mum Belle Metcalf. She looks more like her mother than her sister Delilah. Born with her family’s trademark grey eyes, Dorothy is a genius and artistic. Traits she got from her maternal grandmother Mia Metcalf. What adventures will these two twins get up to?

Esmeralda Mia Metcalf (Essy)


Essy is the child of Angelo Metcalf and Belle Metcalf. Born with her father’s vibrant hair and her mother’s bright grey eyes this child is one born of love. She is artistic, a common trait in the Metcalf family, and brave. Her older sisters Lilah and Dot adore their baby sister.


14 thoughts on “The Metcalf Family

      1. I especially love Dorothy’s hair! It’s not all black! I wonder where that blend came from… And how sweet is Delilah’s little smile! I just love sims that always look like they’re smiling! ^_^ They’re both uber adorable!

  1. Delilah is a happy baby. She especially likes it when Michael comes and picks her up and either attacks her with the “claw” or tosses her in the air (which he does, a LOT). Dorothy is like her mother, a little terror usually. Crying for no reason even though all her needs are green. Probably just wants attention. Belle was like that.

    See THIS is one of the reasons I don’t like the Sims 4. No toddlers.

    1. No toddlers?! 0_0 I’m a poor college student so I can’t afford the Sims 4 (not out for a mac anyway), but that’s sad! No toddlers…I love the toddler stage! It’s the baby stage I can’t stand >.> They’re basically just parcels that cry & poo. But toddlers DO stuff! Like scoot around in their diapers and look cute! ^_^

      Good God, I remember my toddlers doing that! Crying for no good reason, just to irritate me. >.> I had four at once for a while…Ellie got NO sleep! It’s a good thing they turned out so cute! 😡

      1. AND there are no pools. At least in the base game there aren’t. And there aren’t as many careers which blows. They brought out a jobs expansion, similar to “ambitions” but I hated 4 so much I didn’t bother buying it. I LOVE the toddler stage! It’s like my favourite. They’re so cute and everything. you’re right about the babies. I’ve seen you can get “footies” so the babies have legs but the ones I’ve seen look really creepy so I’ll stick with the wrapped versions. Thankfully Mia’s were spread out enough she didn’t go crazy. Though I nearly did! No idea why I decided to have so many kids, I just like having kids (in RL I don’t actually want kids so it’s a nice way to have them with out the actual commitment). And twins well, that was unplanned.

      2. I didn’t plan on having so many kids, but I was fascinated with fulfilling every wish. And Ellie just kept wishing for kids with Bernard! So she had Shaye, then the twins were born and at the same time, Bernard had Donovan. And because I was an idiot and thought Epic Lifespans would be easier, they were all babies and toddlers for a REALLY long time….really long. Pro tip: don’t have massive families on epic…or long. Stick to normal. It’s WAY easier! XD I’m on normal now, with no wish to change back.

      3. Yeah I altered the life spans, made them longer so they would stay toddlers for longer for the story but it got so annoying I switched back. I have lengthened the teen span so Belle can up her GPA and get an A and hopefully get a good scholarship to uni. But then it’ll go back to normal.

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